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What could be cooler than discovering your own natural treasures of real gems, minerals, and fossils?! At Genuine Toy Co., you can do just that with our very own mining sluice!

We named our mining operation the Plymouth Rock Mining Co. and run our sluice in the Westchester Square Mall area just outside our store. Choose either a small bag of mine rough (3 oz. of assorted treasures) for $5.99 or a large bag (6 oz. of assorted treasures) for $9.99 and sift out the sand under the water stream created by our sluice to reveal your discoveries.

Just as in nature, each discovery is unique – no two bags of mine rough contain exactly the same treasures. Typical of what you may find however are selenite, pyrite (fool’s gold), azurite, gypsum rosettes, pumice, shark’s teeth, topaz, garnet, quartz, amethyst, orthoceras (sea squid), citrine, agate and agate geodes, Apache tears, crinoid stems, optical calcite, ammonites, peacock ore and more!

Make plans to bring your aspiring geologists and paleontologists in for a fun adventure of discovery. If you have a group or a party interested in booking a mining event, please call us for rates and dates. At present, the Plymouth Rock Mining Co. is scheduled to be running every other Saturday from 3 to 4 PM but be sure to check with the store for exact dates and times. Call us at (734) 414-9500 or send an email to