Genuine Toy Co


A couple of years ago, a crazy idea slipped into our thoughts. An idea we just couldn’t shake. We realized that, given the chance to pursue our dreams, we would open a toy store. But not just any toy store. This would be a magical place, designed to spark creativity and bring the wonders of the world to children as they played. That’s what we did and that’s what Genuine Toy Co. is.

At Genuine Toy Co., we have a passion for great toys, for playing engaging games with our family and friends, collaborating on a challenging puzzle, exploring creative possibilities with arts and crafts, and expanding our knowledge of the world around us through science activities. We know that play and learning are not separate things, that we learn best when we are having fun – and that it’s fun to learn.

We also remember fondly the toys of our own childhood and the delight of a good joke or prank. These, too, hold a special place in our hearts and on our shelves.

We fill our dream store to overflowing with the best toys and games we can find. It’s our goal to bring your family together over a board game, spark your child’s creativity, and inspire interest in the wonders of our world. At Genuine Toy Co. we believe that toys can teach and that play is precious.

Elle & Charles Dare

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